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Hallstatt in Austria
Hallstatt Austria famous places travel

Hallstatt Austria 

Hallstatt Austria Famous amazing and fascinating places in the world. Hallstätter lake( or Lake Hallstatt) in Salzkammergut Austria. Surface area of approximately 8.55 square kilometers and has a maximum depth of 125 meters. The lake is very popular for tourists and scuba divers. During the imperial city of Bad Ischl, Austria, famous for its hot springs town of Hallstatt you can reach a few transferring.
Upper Austria, Salzkammergut area, and one of the few town is undoubtedly the most beautiful. World Cultural Heritage list by UNESCO in December of 1997 entered. History of about 7000 years old, dating back to the bronze age, there’s only one road in this town and almost no vehicle traffic is not allowed. Take maximum half-time to walk the path from beginning to end. Famous church in town, small waterfalls, charming sold salt products can be found in the shops. Speaking ‘of salt .. According to a rumor “HALL” in Celtic word “salt” means that the town is famous salt mines represents another alleged “Hall” word is a word in the German language on the former. Of course, the natural beauty of the town next to the important details of this historical information.

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You can visit the salt mines in Hallstatt funikolara riding, hiking, do the town can visit the museum describing the history of thousands of years, the famous Beinhaus on now see an interesting exhibition, souvenir shops you can buy salt samples, the edge of the lake Hallstätter landscape can watch for hours. Participate in a tour of the lake, you can ski in the winter. And those who love taking pictures ….
This is your paradise.

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