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Paris, capital of beauty and light, "the first part of the tour guide for France"

Paris is not just an ordinary city, it is a source of beauty and civilization, first utters the name of Paris in front of you remember the upscale and scenic beauty, Paris is a symbol of art with your character.

From this point to you the first part of the tour guide comprehensive France, through tourism program takes seven days, including the most beautiful places in the city, with the presentation of a multitude of best restaurants and cafes scattered throughout Paris, and the most famous hotels other than the most important information that you need before traveling to Paris, the capital of beauty.
The first day:

Can not be in Paris without going through the months Avenue in France as a whole, which is the street, "Champs Elysees" the most received for tourists from all countries of the world, Vamahlat global trade and cafes on both sides of the street, earned him a special nature bustles Backb and life will not Tgdama or feel them, but in Champs Elysees.
Attractions of the Champs Elysees:

Invades the Champs Elysées noise day and night, he is one of the most famous and attractive streets in the world for tourism, subway stations are located heavily in the middle of the street field, which earned the street the ease and speed of movement.

When roam where you find on the side of the finest international fashion houses and Agencies of the various shops, for example Vsakablk shops "Guerlain" and "Sephora" to sell perfume.

As for the entertainment venues in the street is endless, there are countless cafes and restaurants to offer delicious dishes for months and countries of the world such as:

Pino Pizza and Pizza Restaurant Rome pizza rome

Planet Hollywood Restaurant planet holywood

Restaurant Kwik Quek

Seafood restaurant MAISON D'ALSACE

And restaurants that specialize in providing Eastern cuisine Restaurant Nora there - SAI - Ajmi and other restaurants in distinctive Arabic dishes.
The most famous coffee shops and cafes in the Champs Elysées:

Coffee Alfokit Fouquets

Coffee Marriott

Paris Coffee Cafe De Paris

Coffee Almadrijal Le Madrigal

Can not not mention Cafe Haagen Dazs Habib millions Hagen-Dazs

After the end of the tour, both in the day to spend in cafes, sipping hot coffee or shopping through the shops in the World Champs Elysées, went directly to the Place de la Concorde, and saw the Egyptian obelisk and the Arc de Triomphe, which was built by Napoleon Bonaparte to glorify through victories brave soldiers.

And when the evening, you can spend an evening distinctive, and watch the latest international films that display on their screens the huge ticket price theaters around 10 euros per person, but before entering make sure of the availability of the requested translation by recognizing written before Aves movie, or spend an evening, especially in the Show the play, which offers the unique theaters of France.

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