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Mostar Bridge in Bosnia Herzegovina
Mostar Bridge bosnia herzegovina famous places fascinating perfect photos

Mostar Bridge

Mostar Bridge is one of the most famous places in Bosnia Herzegovina.
In 1566 Mimar Sinan’s students (Architect Hayreddin) was built on the river by the Nevetra. An Ottoman bridge. Places to visit in the list at number one in the bridge of Bosnia and Herzegovina is one of the most important icons.
The Balkans, especially in Bosnia and Herzegovina which is one of the most important structures of the Mostar Bridge, Croatian Bosnian War took place in 1993, was destroyed by artillery fire. Mostar Bridge in 1992, the Bosnian Serbs held in the first attack. Croatian tanks launched attacks on 9 November 1993. These attacks hurt bigger bridge. Mostar Bridge in one-to-one features the following years, the new one came in 2005 at the Unesco World Heritage List. Today is managed by a multinational management. Divisions began in Mostar during the war still continues. Croats living west of the river. Muslims living in the east. Serbs to leave town during the war never came back.
Mostar Bridge is a structure that connects the city’s two major nations. With this feature, the bridge has a different significance. One side of the Muslims, Croats live on the other side of the bridge. Total 456 patterns of stone used in construction. Mostar Bridge, a total of 30 meters long and 4 meters wide. The height of the bridge is 24 meters from the river. It made with advanced technology compared to that is one of the interesting, popular and beautiful travel places to must see before you die.
Most perfect and beautiful photos of various aspects
Mostar Bridge bosnia herzegovina famous places amazing perfect photos    
Mostar Bridge bosnia herzegovina famous places amazing beautiful photos 

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